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Transponder Reader HQ-TS

Transponder reader unit

Transponder Reader HQ-TS

The transponder reader unit at the fuel nozzle provides a simple and safe identification of your vehicles during fueling process.

Every vehicle that is approved to get a fueling authorization through this system, is been equipped with a passive RFIDtransponder tag near to the filler neck.

As soon as the fuel nozzle is placed into the filler neck, the recognization of the vehicle number follows through the transponder tag which is mounted at the vehicle. The transponder reader unit which is installed in the fuel dispenser
transmits the data to our fuel controller type TAU-6 for verification. In case the verification results positive, the filling clearance will follow through the fuel controller.

In the most simple case no further entries at the fuel controller are required. However, depending on the vehicle base data, the mileage in kilometres, a personnel number, etc. can be captured as a matter of course. Then, this data will be entered via keypad directly at the fuel controller device.


The transponder reader system in conjunction with our fuel controller type TAU-6 provides the facility of permanent scanning of the transponder tag. With this it can be avoided that the fuel nozzle can be removed from the filler neck, and hence to fill up another tank respectively another vehicle. The fueling procedure will be terminated as soon as the transponder tag is out of operating distance.

This system is already successfully long-term working multiply in rough environments like construction machines, road trucks and road semi-trailers.

According to the vehicle type, operating mode and required operating distance, different designs of the transponder tags are available.

Please submit your inquiry non-commital according to your requirements to us.

In conjunction with our fuel controller TAU-6 you will be able to simplify and automatize your fueling batches quite cost-effective. It also helps avoiding possible fuel losses.


The data connection to the fuel controller consists of two wires only. Further a mains supply of 230V AC is required.

While mounting the transponder tag to the vehicle, it is recommendable to test the optimized alignment near to the filler neck exemplary for the different vehicle types.

With this transponder reader unit type HQ-TS, a maximum operating distance of approx. 600 mm can be achieved (depending on the type of the transponder tag and the way of mounting).



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